Public Adress, Videosurveillance,
Intrusion- & Firedetection, Access Control
and Telecommunications

Customers trust in us !

We are proud to fulfill our customers' high requirements for security and communication technology.


for immediate signalling in personal and technical matters or emergencies, we ensure the alerting of the mobile phone. The app alerts around the clock and wherever there is Wi-Fi, BLE, GSM, LTE.


cutting-edge techniques!
Nowadays, KI is in demand. We deliver video surveillance solutions, parameterize them and keep them in operation.

Public Adress

Announcements via emergency call facilities on motorways, tunnels and in civil engineering facilities ensure public safety.
SKE provides certified measurements, leveling and component delivery.

the SKE

stands for 20 years of experience in telecommunications and alarm (ccTV, access control, burgler- and firedetection, intercom, public adress, alarmserver and building management systems) for the construction of plants.

Our location is in the Auhofcenter in 1140 Vienna Penzing. We look after our customers in Vienna, and the surrounding area. We are also happy to travel to the distance for projects.

The integration of BUS systems and the signaling to mobile apps or workplaces is on our focus.

We install at site and put the plants into operation. The maintenance, adaptation and expansion during ongoing operation is carried out remotely and if necessary at site.
If required we deliver CAD and a complete project planing.

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